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Our nation's first responders require more than a single solution for a single emergency. They need scalable ways to collect and translate information into a clear and actionable picture. FirstNet equips your agency with mobile apps designed to meet the unique needs of first responders – with always-on access to voice, data and video.

FirstNet and Esri – the world's leading geographic information solutions provider – put the power of Explorer for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, the Living Atlas of the World, and push-to-talk into the hands of your first responders, so you can safely and effectively:

  • Answer calls for service
  • Manage incidents
  • Respond to disasters
  • Collect ground intelligence
  • Coordinate responses across agencies
  • Identify relevant trends
  • And plan events – as well as an ever-growing list of mission-critical activities

Explorer for ArcGIS App

Explorer for ArcGIS from the App Catalog lets you carry the power of ArcGIS anywhere you go.

  • Use asset and agency data in the field and browse publicly available maps
  • Search for places and features
  • Use markup tools to add notations and sketches directly to your map
  • Share your marked-up maps with command staff or other responders in the field
Explorer for ArcGIS App

ArcGIS Online

  • Access a full suite of GIS tools and resources instantly with your ArcGIS Online accounts
  • Interact with agency maps, operational dashboards and storyboards anytime, anywhere
  • Quickly provide instant awareness of resource locations with live maps
  • Layer the maps with data from agency systems, sensors or the thousands of other data sources included in ArcGIS Online and Esri's Living Atlas®
  • Share your maps and instantly turn data into knowledge with visuals that provide for immediate situational awareness
ArcGIS Online

Push-to-Talk App

Push-to-Talk – easy and fast to deploy. This next generation, scalable PTT app provides public safety with innovative ways to connect. With one button you can share voice and multimedia with multiple users across a variety of smartphones, tablets and rugged devices.

Push to talk

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