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Our nation's first responders require more than a single solution for a single emergency. They need scalable ways to collect and translate information into a clear and actionable picture. FirstNet equips your agency with mobile apps designed to meet the unique needs of first responders – with always-on access to voice, data and video.

FirstNet and Esri – the world's leading geographic information solutions provider – put the power of Explorer for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, the Living Atlas of the World, and push-to-talk into the hands of your first responders, so you can safely and effectively:

  • Answer calls for service
  • Manage incidents
  • Respond to disasters
  • Collect ground intelligence
  • Coordinate responses across agencies
  • Identify relevant trends
  • And plan events – as well as an ever-growing list of mission-critical activities

Explorer for ArcGIS App

Explorer for ArcGIS from the App Catalog lets you carry the power of ArcGIS anywhere you go.

  • Use asset and agency data in the field and browse publicly available maps
  • Search for places and features
  • Use markup tools to add notations and sketches directly to your map
  • Share your marked-up maps with command staff or other responders in the field
Explorer for ArcGIS App

ArcGIS Online

  • Access a full suite of GIS tools and resources instantly with your ArcGIS Online accounts
  • Interact with agency maps, operational dashboards and storyboards anytime, anywhere
  • Quickly provide instant awareness of resource locations with live maps
  • Layer the maps with data from agency systems, sensors or the thousands of other data sources included in ArcGIS Online and Esri's Living Atlas®
  • Share your maps and instantly turn data into knowledge with visuals that provide for immediate situational awareness
ArcGIS Online

Push-to-Talk Options

Select one of the two following push-to-talk solutions. Each of these app solutions has received the FirstNet Certified™ designation.

FirstNet Certified

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

  • Integration with the AT&T and FirstNet core networks
  • Group calls with up to 250 team members
  • Enhanced situational awareness with ability to send secure text, video and images
  • Ability to track and share user locations
  • Land Mobile Radio interoperability to expand reach of mission critical two-way radios
  • A wide range of certified devices
  • Ability to centrally-manage user profiles and talk groups
Push-to-Talk App

Enterprise Secure Chat – secure PTT

  • Encrypted PTT Voice (AES-256)
  • Secure group multimedia messaging
  • Live location tracking/mapping
  • Breadcrumb location tracking/mapping
  • Basic LMR Integration via RoIP
  • P25 Integration via ISSI
  • Console integration via CSSI, AIS & RoIP
Enterprise Secure Chat

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